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Message from Fulton County Republican Party

WELCOME to our updated website. We think you will enjoy the new format. This year's November elections will have a profound effect on our futures. Join us in making our governments work for us.


Committee Members

Republican County Central Committee

The Fulton County Republican Party is governed by the Central Committee, and between meetings, The Executive Committee conducts the business of the party.

* Designates District Executive Committee Members





Metamora George Flack 644-2081
Amboy Darlene Ruth 644-5885 N/A
Chesterfield Karen L. Pennington 335-7026
Wauseon One Karis Shull 335-9346 N/A
Wauseon Two Tom McWatters 337-5065
Wauseon Three Brett J. Kolb* 335-6691
Wauseon Four Sandra K. Barber* 335-4428
Wauseon Five Gloria Marlatt 335-1711
Clinton East Bev Schlosser 337-8779
Pettisville Danny Demarkowski  

Dover Steven V. Graffice 337-1215
Franklin Jon Rupp 237-2816
Fulton John F. Weber* 826-2592
Archbold One Peter Short 445-2633
Archbold Two Kent Stamm 445-2108
Archbold Three Alan H. Miller 956-0520
German Dale L. Nafziger 445-4118 n/a
Fayette Dee Ann Potter 237-2292
Gorham Randy Merillat 452-6064 n/a
Pike Robert Cain 822-4167
Lyons Joe Damman 923-7065
Royalton Steve Gillespie 923-4261
Swanton One Frank T. Onweller* 825-3775
Swanton Two
Swanton Three Scott A. Haselman 825-1832
Swanton Four Kathy Kreuz 826-3033 n/a
Swancreek East One Joe Kahl 826-9751
Swancreek East Two Mike Kennedy 740-7258
Swancreek West One William Vaughn 822-5412 n/a
Swancreek West Two Steven W. Hoffman* 822-4716
Swancreek LC Natalie Pallitta 262-1862
Delta One Marcy LeFevre 822-4055 n/a
Delta Two D. Scott Bechtel 822-5799 n/a
Delta Three Frank H. Wilton* 822-5737
York North Roy Norman 335-3995
York South